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Casa CHE


La Clínica believes that a healthy community produces and nurtures healthy individuals, and healthy individuals bring about and maintain a healthy community. This belief is strongly placed into action in the Community Health Education (CHE) Department. Casa CHE’s work is based on Brazilian educator Paulo Freire’s “conscientization” movement of having people actively participate in and take responsibility for their own education, while creating positive social change. Casa CHE empowers individuals to take an active role in building a healthy community through several programs, including training youth and adult peer educators, deploying an innovative case management program for high risk individuals across La Clínica clinic sites in Alameda County, and addressing food security, access to healthy food, and healthy eating through the Healthy Food/Healthy Families program.

TRUCHA (Together Reaching Users Combating HIV and AIDS)


La Clínica’s HIV prevention department, Together Reaching Users Combating HIV and AIDS (TRUCHA), has been delivering HIV testing, outreach, and prevention services for over 25 years. TRUCHA was established 25+ years ago to respond to the threat of HIV in the Latinx community, especially for those most vulnerable, such as the jornaleros (day laborers).  Since then, TRUCHA has grown and undergone many changes. Today TRUCHA is still a site where people in the community can come for culturally relevant services related to HIV prevention and HIV care, as well as other services that affect our community.

The prevention program consists of staff members who are certified HIV test counselors, trained in numerous elements of behavioral change, health education, and health communication, and are culturally and linguistically representative of the community they serve. TRUCHA staff includes HIV Test Counselors, PrEP Navigators, and Health Educators who lead support groups and group-level intervention programs. TRUCHA further specializes in linking/re-linking clients living with HIV to HIV care. Staff members employed by La Clínica’s HIV prevention program are bilingual in English and Spanish, bicultural, state-certified HIV test counselors, trained in numerous elements of behavioral change, health education, and health communication, and experienced working in the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. TRUCHA’s HIV prevention staff also assists in referring patients from TRUCHA to other services offered at La Clinica.

Family Optical


La Clínica Family Optical offers low-cost optometry and ophthalmology services to ensure our local community has access to professional eye care. Vision correction allows you to perform well at home, work, school and in all your daily activities.

We use the latest technology to determine your prescription for glasses and examine the health of your eyes, checking for preventable disease that can affect your vision in the future. We view the retina and can detect medical conditions that affect eye health, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Our staff will discuss with you frame and lens options including contact lenses. La Clínica Family Optical provides you with the information you need to make the best eye care choices for you and help you see your world more clearly.

Casa Del Sol


With fewer and fewer public services available for behavioral health problems, La Clínica Community Behavioral Health Department, Casa del Sol, has played an important role in helping Spanish speakers who would not otherwise receive counseling or crisis intervention services. Casa del Sol was founded in 1973 and currently offers behavioral health services for Alameda County residents through a variety of programs that are funded to provide treatment to Alameda County’s Spanish speaking communities.

All clinical staff at Casa del Sol are bilingual in Spanish/English. Services are provided in a culturally focused manner centered on individual, family and community strengths. Evidence based practices are utilized to support resiliency, wellness and recovery.

Clínica Alta Vista


Our teen health center, Clínica Alta Vista (CAV), specializes in providing comprehensive health care services for adolescents and young adults. All of the staff and providers at CAV are committed to helping young people make informed decisions about their health and all are bilingual in Spanish and English. We offer comprehensive medical care, family planning, emergency contraception, prevention and treatment of STI’s, including oral testing for HIV with results available in 20 minutes. All patients have access to our in-house social services, health education and nutrition counseling. For pregnant patients we provide options counseling, prenatal, postpartum and pediatric care. Through our Centering Program we give vital support to young parents including a scholarship program for those parents who stay in school.