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Health Care Without Borders


Our Goal... To Make A Difference

Fees for service do not meet all the costs of providing health care to the uninsured. To ensure a child, mother, father, or family may receive important health care services, we truly need your help.

Through the Health Care Without Borders Campaign your contribution helps us provide needed assistance to the under and uninsured. Our success is measured by the lives we change. Donations will help over 90,000 children, families, and adults in our community.

Your contribution could fund the following:

$10,000* Could provide a year of exams and treatment for 10 asthmatic children who lack insurance.
$5,000* Provides prenatal care and hospital delivery for an uninsured woman.
$2,500* Provides one year of mental health counseling for an adolescent.
$1,500* Allows 10 youth to participate in peer health promotion and education classes.
$1,000* Ensures that 10 children have physical exams.
$250 Provides a physical exam and immunizations for a child.
$100 Provides an inhaler for a child with asthma for one year.
$50 Helps provides medication for a diabetes patient for a month.
*Eagle Society Membership with Benefits.

Your contribution may be mailed to:

La Clínica de La Raza
ATTN: Development Department
PO Box 17054
Oakland, CA 94601-7054

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