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La Clínica has been serving the population of focus through providing comprehensive HIV services since 1993. The wraparound services provided at La Clínica for HIV-positive clients allows clients to access Behavioral Health Providers, Patient Navigators, Nutritionists, Medical Case Managers and Primary Care Providers all in one appointment. La Clínica further receives Part A-D Ryan White funding to provide HIV services, such as linking HIV-Positive patients to medical case management, dental care, psychosocial support, mental health services (including mental health services for women living with HIV and their families), early intervention programs, vision services, and outpatient and ambulatory care services.

In addition to providing comprehensive care and treatment services for HIV-positive clients, La Clínica also has a robust community-based HIV prevention program, Together Reaching Users Combating HIV and AIDS (TRUCHA). For over 25 years, La Clínica TRUCHA has delivered HIV testing and prevention services focusing on high-risk Latino MSM, and provided linkage to care for newly-identified HIV-positive clients.


  • HIV Testing
  • HIV Risk Assessments
  • Prevention Services
  • Counseling and Support Groups for HIV-Positive Clients
  • PEP/PrEP Services
  • Ryan White HIV Services
  • Focused HIV Outreach and Testing for the Latinx LGBTQ Community

All Services