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Health Care for All

La Clínica was founded in 1971 to address health barriers and create better lives for the underserved. Today, La Clínica is the first choice for providing multi-lingual, accessible full-scope health care services in the East Bay, no matter a patient’s income level or insurance status. 

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“Before coming here, I had a stroke but I’ve been able to stay healthy now because of La Clínica. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here. I just thank God for La Clínica every day.”
Virginia Garcia

La Clínica Intensive Outpatient Care Management (IOPCM) Client

“Not only have they helped me in receiving medical attention, but also with housing, and trying to get a job. They are an abundance of wealth and information. It’s everything you’d ever want.”
Lawrence Finney

La Clínica Transitions Client

50 years of health care for all







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