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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2015-2022

La Clínica’s current Strategic Plan for 2015-2022 was developed to provide a clear vision for where the agency wants to position itself for this seven-year period.

La Clínica’s mission remains the same because the reason why La Clínica exists has not changed.  Our strategic plan sets our course for how La Clínica will continue to fulfill its mission in the next few years in light of where we are today and what the world we live in looks like today.   La Clínica’s Vision for this five-year period is:

La Clínica is the community’s first choice as a health care provider, employer, and partner with its high-quality service, financial stability, and caring organizational culture.

The Strategic Plan focuses on the five most important and broadest aims that will set La Clínica’s fundamental, long-range direction. Under each of the five goals, there are specific strategies and performance measures that further define our path for successfully achieving our vision. In this way, we ensure that everything that we choose to focus our attention and resources on advances the organization toward our vision for the future.

You can learn more about each of the five goals and our plan to achieve them by reading the full strategic report linked below.

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