La Clínica encourages all eligible patients, staff, and community members to exercise their right to vote.

This year’s elections are critical for healthcare. That’s why La Clínica joins health centers across California in supporting full voter participation in the upcoming U.S. elections. We want to empower people to participate and get involved in shaping healthcare policies that will directly impact their communities.

Register to vote by October 19 for the November 3 elections. Use the same link to re-register if you have moved, changed political parties, or need to check your registration status.

This year all California voters will receive a ballot in the mail. Complete it and mail it back as soon as possible, or bring it to a ballot drop-off location near you. You can also sign up to track and receive notifications on the status of your vote-by-mail ballot. 

Join our campaign on social media! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter by searching for La Clínica de La Raza.

Please note: La Clínica does NOT participate in any partisan campaign or endorsement.


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