Notification of Data Breach

Executive Leadership

Chief Information Officer & Information Security Officer

Mr. Cortez has over 30 years of information systems management, technical operations, data/informatics, telecommunication, and computer application and information technology experience.

Since June 1989, Mr. Cortez has led the growth of the Information Technology (IT) Department and associated technical infrastructure at La Clínica. As La Clínica’s Chief Information Officer and Information Security Officer, Mr. Cortez is responsible for the strategic vision, direction, oversight, and management of Information Technology for La Clínica, which includes the Information Technology Department and all electronic related data systems, computing equipment, servers, communications infrastructure, devices, data/informatics, and related electronic security of such systems, data, and devices. He also supervises senior IT management staff that oversees the day to day operations of the IT department. Before joining La Clínica, Mr. Cortez worked in a series of positions, honing technology related skills and technology consulting skills.

Mr. Cortez attended the UC Berkeley School of Engineering as a double major in Mechanical and Nuclear Power Engineering. Mr. Cortez is fluent in both English and Spanish.