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Dear Friend,

My name is Consuelo* and I want to share with you how thankful I am for La Clínica.

Early into the pandemic, it was hard to know what information was true and what was false. When the vaccines came out, it became even harder to trust what was being said.

All around me people were getting sick, including almost all of my family. I was very afraid about getting COVID but I didn’t know what to do or who to trust. I lost two family members to COVID this year. It’s been a terrible loss and it still feels unreal. One of those family members was my daughter.

One day, I went to the Antioch Flea Market to get my mind off things and saw that La Clínica had an informational booth there. I was curious to learn more about the vaccine but I was unsure if my questions would be treated seriously. I had various people mention the vaccine to me previously but I didn’t trust them and didn’t want to be forced to do it. However, I decided to approach the booth and speak to the staff. I’m so thankful I did.

I spoke to a young woman who chatted with me about the vaccines and was able to answer my questions and hear my concerns. I liked that it felt like a conversation and that I wasn’t being pressured to get it. I felt reassured and trusted the information that I got so I decided to get the shot that day.

I’m very grateful for La Clínica for being there to talk with me about this. It’s been a painful year and I hope no one has to lose a family member or loved one to change their mind. Through La Clínica, I learned the facts about the vaccine. Most importantly, I learned how it can help protect your life or someone else’s life against this terrible disease.

I urge everyone who can to donate to La Clínica because they’re there when you need them the most. Their work makes a real difference for so many people, like it did for me.


Antioch Community Member

*Per the community member’s request, her name has been changed to remain anonymous.

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