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La Clínica is a safe haven for so many in the community.

Emilio, La Clínica Patient

Dear Friend,

My name is Emilio and I want to share with you how grateful I am to have La Clínica in my life.

I work as a day laborer in Oakland. One day, I started feeling sick and I began to worry. I was hearing a lot about the coronavirus on the news and I was scared I could be infected. I passed by Fruitvale BART station after work one day and saw that La Clínica was doing Covid-19 tests. I thought I would be turned away because I didn’t have insurance, but I was surprised they were offering free tests to anyone in the community, so I decided to get tested.

When I received my results, it said I was sick with Covid-19. That’s when I stopped going out and began to stay at home. After my roommates found out I tested positive, they told me I had to leave. They were all scared of also getting the virus but I was shocked they wanted to kick me out. I wasn’t able to work because I was sick and I began to feel overwhelmed because I didn’t know how I would get money to support myself and my son or be allowed to stay in the apartment I shared.

Thankfully, La Clínica was there for me. La Clínica helped deliver food to me so I didn’t have to leave my house. They sent me hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks to use at home around my roommates. La Clínica also helped me apply for Alameda County’s program to receive financial assistance while I was sick and unable to work.

La Clínica also helped me apply for Alameda County’s health care program. Even though I feel much better now, it’s still hard to find work. But at least I know I now have health insurance with La Clínica. This gives me and my son some peace of mind.

La Clínica is a safe haven for so many. People trust La Clínica because they speak our languages and understand how to take care of their patients. That’s why I thank God for La Clínica.

I’m grateful for donors like you who recognize the impact of La Clínica to our community. I urge you to continue donating and supporting La Clínica because they are good people who are here to help. Their work makes a real difference for so many people, like it did for me.


Covid-19 test

La Clínica offers free Covid-19 test for community members, regardless of insurance or income.

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