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Your gift Matters

You make a huge impact every time you give to La Clínica. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey and for your commitment to our work. Together, we can create thriving communities and ensure the future of community health for generations to come.

The Eagle Society Donor Club


Anonymous (2)


Bonnie Payne and Roger Tobin

Frontline Support Inc.

JoAnn Intili and Ed Kissam**

John Muir Health

Kaiser Permanente

Mary and Stan Friedman

MUFG Union Bank

Paul and Andrea Swenson**

ProCo Insurance Services

UBS Financial Services

STAR/ESTRELLA $5,000–$9,999

Anonymous (2)

AA Batarse Foundation

Amy and Kirby Wilcox

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Delta Dental

Dr. Peggy Payne* and Dr. Dean Sheppard

Patty and Greg Mintz

Sally Hanley

Sephora Stands Charitable Fund, a fund of Tides Foundation

The Dobbs Family Charitable Foundation

The Peterson Family Fund at East Bay Community Foundation

TWANDA Foundation

LEADER/LIDER $2,500–$4,999

Anonymous (3)

Afi Health

Ann and Mel Woods

Anna Fisher and Jerry Wolfe

Bridget and Andres Botero Brennan

Bruce and Stacey Bodaken

Citi National Bank

Dr. Kenneth and Jeanifer Grullon

Dr. Ramon and Lisa Terrazas**

Dr. Tina Raine-Bennett**

Joan Emery and Dr. Eddy Rubin

Mark Bigelow

Marsh and McLennan Insurance Agency, LLC

Michael Tully-Cintron

Moss Adams LLP

Samuel Merritt University

Sloan, Sakai, Yeung, and Wong LLP

Temescal Telegraph BID

The Latino Cancer Institute

Well Being Trust

PARTNER/SOCIO $1,000–$2,499

Anonymous (7)

Ann and Michael Parker

Ann Schnake and Dr. Ed Mahl

Burt Liss Charitable Fund

Bylo Chacon Charitable Fund

Christie Blakley

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Clifford Haggerty

Curtis Overway

Demolition Management Group Inc.

Dental Health Products Inc.

Douglas and Maria Bayer Foundation

Dr. Andrew and Mary Moyce

Dr. Ann Finkelstein*

Dr. George Pugh and Mara McGrath

Dr. John Murphy* and Caron Lee

Dr. Joseph and Jane Selby

Dr. Norma Solarz* and Steven McCleary

Dr. Raymond Baxter and Aida Alvarez

Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Inc.

Hanna Morris

Jane García and Family*

Jeffrey Johnson

Jennifer Kopp

Keith Ogden

Laura and Robert Katter**

Marc Ramsey and Loretta Willis

Margarita Florez Vasconcelos and Yusuf Ali

Mario Castañeda

Market Hall Foods

Martha Siegel and Adam Elsesser

Michael and Denise Deleray

Michael Stevenson

Mitch and Laurie Gage

Mr. and Mrs. Lucheng Liu

Nancy Galloway and Andy Morse

Nathan Parsley

Patricia McMahon

Paul Oyer

Penn Hughes and Viola Gonzales

Peter Manolead

RBC Capital Markets, LLC

Richard W. Davis

Rick and Veronica Maida

Self-Help Credit Union

Sherry Sank

Simon Guendelman

Sophia Bucheli**

Susan and Richard Moore*

The CBC Foundation

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Zenaida Aguilera*

FRIEND/AMIGO $500–$999

Anonymous (13)

AIDS Walk San Francisco Foundation

AJ Kennedy

Alameda Health Consortium and The Community Health Center Network

Andrew and Yesenia Smith

Angela and Bill Ganci

Bianca Ling and Igor Liskovets

Blanca Gomez**

Capital City Pharmacy

Carmen Martinez**

Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants

David and Anne Lamb

David Auerbach

Diane and David Goldsmith

Dr. Emily Crawford

Dr. James McLean

Dr. Louis Weckstein and Dr. Karin Denevi

Dr. Monica Rosenthal

George Arroyo

Glenna Carraway-Idowu

Heather Conger

Jason Crichfield

Jennifer Brodsky and Dr. Kumar Dundapani

Jeremy Galossi

Joe and Tamar Fendel

John and Mary Ann Gunderson

John Robinson

JP Stephenson

Judith Kellman

Kathleen Leyva

Keon Parandvash

Kristen Vellinger

Lisa Bereny

Lorraine Bosche

Lynn and Jason Baskett

Margaret J. and John M. Mooney

Maria Olivas

Mary McCurdy

Matson Navigation Company

Michael Hochster and Maria Lani Malicdem

Nicholas Kwaan

Nick Koier

Noel and Aliza Gallo

Peter Weber and Christie Beeman

Ralph Wolff

Raman Khanna

Rebecca and Robert Tracy

Richard and Catherine Nicoll

Robert and Angelica Davies

Roger and Ivonne Litma

Rosemary Healy

Shari Bashin-Sullivan

Susan Kennedy and Stephanie Bonham

Timothy Kingston

Virginia Nido

Virginia Yang and Walt French

Winelander Fund

Yvonne Hudson-Harmon**


Anonymous (13)

Aisha Hampton-Bowser**

Amazon Smiles Foundation

Amy Payne

Andrew Sniderman

Anita Addison*

Ann and Tom Yamada

Anne and Conn Hallinan

Atlas Resell Management

Betty Kadri

Bryan Gebhardt

Charles Stanberry

Craig Lanway and Deborah Phillips

Don O’Connell

Dr. Art and Rebecca D’Harlingue

Dr. Danielle Tarry

Dr. Golde Dudell

Dr. Hali Sherman

Dr. Marco and Cynthia Frias Baisch

Edwin D. Fong

Gail Grigsby

GSI Environmental

Isabel Valdes

Jane Kaplan and Donatello Bonato

Jeff Hobson and Kim Seashore

Jeffrey Fox

Kathi Roisen and Howard Goldenberg

Kim Sloan*

Konstantine Kolomoyskyy

Madeleine Scott

Marcella Burks

Margaret Renik*

Maria Sam

Mark Guasch

Martha Silver

Martin and Ronna Benjamin

Moises Garcia-Lemus*

Pamela Jue

Phuc and My-Lien Nguyen

Rebecca Gebhart

Rose Marie and Robert Portillo

Salvador Rivera

Steve Schiff*

Tara Vajra

Tracy Mills

Victoria Griffith

William Deiss


Anonymous (29)

Abdol Soltani and Grace Kong

AeRi Swendson

Aleczandrea Henry

Alex and Susan Ravnik

Alexandre Zani

Anne and Walter Hayden

Barbara Raboy

Ben Hamburg

Bob Stern

Bonnie and Harvey D. Bichkoff

Bradley Cleveland

Brian Estlin

Bud O’Shaughnessy

Carol Darden

Catharine Ralph

Cecily Uhlfelder

Chris Carrico

Christine Pagano

Christopher Brownlee

Christopher Soli

Cliff Weingus

Consuelo Estrada

David Sloves

Deborah Napierski

Diane Winkler

Don and Lisa Ann Clay

Donna Earley Cortez

Dr. David Schneider

Dr. Elizabeth Gleghorn

Dr. Isabel Zaror

Dr. Joel and Barbara Renbaum

Dr. John and Laura Pescetti

Dr. Nanette K. Gartrell and Dr. Diane Mosbache

Dr. Susan and David Bressler

Dr. Thomas Eusterbrock

Drake and Marilyn Grega

Edgar Quiroz

Edmund L. and Mary Jean James

Elizabeth Rogers

Ellen Monroe

Emily Macy

Emily Prieto-Tseregounis

Gail Coney

Gail Rubman

Gary Hubbard

Gary Weinstein

Genoveva Calloway

Harriet and David Schnur

Isabel Dayrit*

James and Anna Mehlfeld

James Cirelli

Janet Levenson

Javier Alvarez

Jenne Thomson

Jere and Betty Montang

Jerry and Mariana Fine

Jesse McFarland

Jessica Strange

Jill Wallace

Joe Hutton

Jonathan Grobstein

Joseph Stanford

Joseph Zingale

Josephine Chavez-Backster

Judy Payne

Kathleen McGuirk and Miles Skorpen

Kathleen Purcell

Keith R. Alward, PH.D.

Keith Uriarte

Kelly Booth

Kenneth Altshuler

Kristen Schutjer

Kristina Combs and Rudy Donofrio

Les and Linda Hausrath

Lillian Roselin

Lily Kelly*

Linda Pierce

Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Liz Kroboth

Luis Torres

Luisa Buada

Luz Salazar-Jed

Lynne Rosen*

Margaret Fleischaker

Maria Boyle

Marjorie W. Goldman

Mark and Lucia Savage

Martha Becker

Martha Snider

Mary Dolven

Maxine Gerber

Maya Nunes

Michael Fleischner

Morgan Capilla

Nancy Falls

Natalie Van Tassel

Neil Maizlish

Nick Peterson

Nick Ratto

Nina Lindsay

Nina Wilder

Nola Burger

Norma Guadalupe Guerrero**

Norman Bookstein


Patrice Peterson

Patricia Bowen

Paulina Lopez

Peggy Gibbons

Reese Erlich

Reynaldo Go

Rich Soublet

Rita Bernal Muro

Robert Finklestein

Robert Miller

Robert Rems

Robin Boyce-Trubitt

Rochelle and Sam Ramirez*

Ronald Perez

Ruth Stroup

Sam Horwich-Scholefield

Sarah Sparks

Sheila Brown and Farley Neuman

Sheila Burgess

Shivendra Kushwah

Stephanie Anderson

Stephen Asztalos

Steve Lautze and Teresa Eade

Sue Sandson

Teresa Goldberg Diaz

Teresita and Glenn Churchill*

Thomas Ackerman

Timothy Revak

Tom Schmitz

Tony Esquivel

Tsoi Dug Foundation

Victoria Mead

William McClellan

Winston and Judith Lee

Zaby Bongiovanni

in-kind donors

Alicia Contreras

Ben Garfinkle

Brenda Rodgers

California Medical Association

Dr. Ariane Terlet* and Gary Navo

Dr. Ronn Berrol

Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation

Kaiser Permanente East Bay Area

Kathryn Wekselman

Lily Kelly*

memorial gifts — during 2021, gifts were made in memory of:

Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan
by Rebecca Gebhart

Dorothy Raine
by Dr. Tina Raine-Bennett

Dr. Alan Smiler
by Dr. Norma Solarz and Steven McCleary

Edna Combs
by Kristina Combs and Rudy Donofrio

Hazel Mersfelder
by Anonymous

Jesse Sank
by Sherry Sank

Jesus Zavala
by Maria Olivas

Mama Chus (mother)
by Maria Boyle

Michael Carbone
by Michael Tully-Cintron

Michelle Kellman and Neil Kellman, M.D.
by Judith Kellman

Peggy Payne
by Judy Payne

tribute gifts — during 2021, gifts were made in honor of:

Aliza and Noel Gallo
by Steve Lautze and Teresa Eade

All of the doctors (especially Art Lande) and staff who assist those most in need throughout the year
by Barbara Bernstein

Amy Prevedel and Stewart Slafter
by Frank and Norma Prevedel

Becky McEntee
by V.I.A. (Volunteers in Asia)

Bonnie Blakley
by Christie Blakley

Catherine A. Chin
by Pamela Jue

Dr. Chrissy Chavez-Johnson
by Josephine Chavez-Backster

Dr. Jennifer Soh
by Ann and Mel Woods

Dr. Peggy Payne and Dr. Dean Sheppard
by Bonnie Payne and Roger Tobin

Erica Gomes
by Anonymous

Henry Cortez
by Jerry and Mariana Fine

Henry Ellis
by Ben Hamburg

Irene Haggerty
by Clifford Haggerty

Jane Garcia
by Lynn and Jason Baskett

Jane Garcia
by Penn Hughes and Viola Gonzales

Jennifer Doudna
by Richard W. Davis

Jim and Shelly Cortez
by Nick Koier

Joel Thompson
by Gordon Thompson

Joellen Ademski
by Glenna Carraway-Idowu

John Pescheti
by Dr. Thomas Eusterbrock

Jon Elam
by Ken Underhill

Kam Wong DPM
by Dr. Nanette K. Gartrell and Dr. Diane Mosbache

Kam Wong, DPM
by Roderick Becker

Katie D’Harlingue, MD
by Dr. Art and Rebecca D’Harlingue

La Clinica staff
by Elizabeth Rogers

Leah Halper
by Anonymous

Maisa Lahham
by Sophia Bucheli

Mark Zuckerberg
by Pablo Arredondo

Mary Ellen Mena
by Ronald Perez

Mary Rebecca Vega and Lupe Elizondo
by Gail Rubman

Peggy Payne, Dean Sheppard, Bonnie Payne and Roger Tobin
by Amy Payne

Scotty Taylor
by Steve Schiff

Serafina Carter Kolomoyskyy
by Konstantine Kolomoyskyy

Shelly Cortez NP
by Donna Earley Cortez

Susana Praver-Perez
by Anonymous

* La Clínica staff

** Board of Director

We have recognized gifts made in 2021. We hope we have acknowledged your gift accurately. Please contact Geovanni Ximenex-Monteon or call 510-535-2964 to notify us of any unintended errors or omissions.

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