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Caring for Community Across Four Generations:
Gloria Figueroa

One day, Gloria’s husband Richard told Dr. Bayard that his wife suffered from knee pain. When Dr. Bayard examined her, he knew right away to order x-rays. The x-rays revealed that Gloria needed knee surgery. She was referred immediately to an orthopedic surgeon.

“This was my first surgery,” Gloria explains. “The specialist was just amazing. I was so happy with the referral.”

During the pandemic, the whole family had phone appointments with Dr. Bayard and a care team at La Clínica. When it was time to get flu shots or COVID vaccines and boosters, La Clínica became an indispensable source for information and care. And because of social isolation, it became a joy to see people at the clinic who felt like family. Even the pharmacy and urgent care staff felt like an extension of the family.

“All these people brought us through crises in our lives and they were like angels to me,” says Gloria. “They were all gifted in their specialties, they are all personable, and we miss seeing everyone – even the friendliness of the gentleman at the front door.”

Gloria has full confidence in the care team at La Clínica. She doesn’t get stressed out because she knows if she has medical problems, they will be there for her. She doesn’t have to wonder if they’ll have room for her or time to see her. She knows they will make time.

Gloria’s confidence in La Clínica goes beyond herself and extends to her nine children (and grandchildren) and friends. Gloria started taking her son Daniel to La Clínica when she learned that they had bought a building in Fruitvale with pediatric offices.

“After my husband passed away, Daniel and I were still patients,” she explains. “The majority of my friends are La Clínica patients as well. They’re not ignored and they’re safe. They’re cared for and La Clínica wants to take care of them. It’s a great comfort and it touches my heart. It must be a relief for them to know they can count on La Clínica,” she says.

Trust between a patient and a health care provider is linked to improved patient experience, health outcomes, and the patient’s perception of the care they receive. However, it is also well documented that in the United States, not all communities feel the same level of trust in their health care providers. While we continue to see large disparities in trust by race and ethnicity, a critical area of focus for health equity, La Clínica has been working to narrow this gap for the last 50 years.

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