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Caring for Community Across Four Generations:
Daniel Figueroa

Daniel is another grateful patient of La Clínica. The first time he remembers going to La Clínica’s dental offices in Fruitvale was when was six years old. His mom Gloria remembers when a group of dentists from La Clínica paid a visit to St. Elizabeth, where her son attended school.

She remembers that a group of dentists came and spoke to each classroom. They gave the students information cards, toothbrushes, and floss and said that they would be welcomed at La Clínica if their parents have a hard time finding a dentist who will take their children.

Daniel remembers the friendly atmosphere and staff of the clinics. “I remember on the way out, we’d pass by a treasure chest that was available for kids to pick a toy out,” he recalls. “I remember as kids we’d always look forward to that, and that always made it fun.”

By this time in 1975, La Clínica had a daycare center so that children could be watched while their parents were inside with their dentists. Later, La Clínica opened an optometric center in Fruitvale where family members went to receive vision care. These services were making a huge difference to the quality of life for families and to the quality of life in the community.

When he was 10, Daniel was referred for oral surgery. “Without La Clínica stepping up for me in that area, there’s no way I would have been able to get any kind of dental care, let alone oral surgery,” he says. Meanwhile, his older brother Raymond was referred by La Clínica to get eye surgery in San Francisco. “There are so many stories like that,” says Daniel. They have truly been a blessing for our family and community.”

Daniel has also struggled with back issues, and once again, Dr. Bayard was there to help. “I don’t think I would’ve had access to back surgery were it not for La Clínica and Dr. Bayard,” admits Daniel.

Daniel was referred to and connected to one of the best doctors in the Bay Area. Today he lives pain-free and wants to thank his care team because he feels that they gave him his life back through the surgery. “I was curled up and couldn’t even stand straight or walk properly for over a year,” says Daniel.

He also received mental health services at Casa del Sol. “When they ask how you are doing, they mean it from the heart,” he says of the supportive and compassionate staff there.

By providing a range of quality community integrated multigenerational, multilingual, and multicultural services, La Clínica remains at the forefront of compassionate community care.

Daniel dreams of one day being a millionaire so he can give back to La Clínica in the same way he feels they have given to him and his family.

“Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to be here,” says Daniel. “They’ve been there at every stage of my life and I know that I could always count on them.”

He is still a patient of Dr. Bayard after all these years.

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