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October 1, 2017

La Clínica officially welcomed our newest clinical site into our growing family, La Clínica Julian R. Davis Pediatrics. Located in a converted two-story house at 5461 Foothill Boulevard, the addition of the Davis Pediatrics site is helping La Clínica expand its presence in East Oakland and has brought us to 34 service delivery sites agency-wide. After a long and highly successful career, Dr. Davis recently decided to begin thinking about retiring. He reached out to La Clínica about transferring his private practice into a La Clínica site, and in the subsequent months Dr. Davis and La Clínica partnered to ensure that Dr. Davis’ numerous patients — many of whom are Medi-Cal recipients — will be able to continue receiving high quality, culturally competent care by transferring the practice into a La Clínica service site.

“[Dr.Davis] has been one of those very dedicated pediatricians who have been on the forefront of bringing high quality health care to the underserved community in Oakland,” said La Clínica’s own Dr. John Pescetti, MD, who has known Dr. Davis for 27 years. “Ray is a passionate, skilled and dedicated physician.  It is indeed an honor for us in La Clínica to have him trust us with his patients’ care.”

We are grateful for the trust Dr. Davis has placed in us, and look forward to continuing the long tradition of high-quality care at this clinic site.

Main news page

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