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October 1, 2018

La Clínica is the only clinic in our service area to offer wrap-around services to HIV patients and their family members in Spanish.

Our interdisciplinary HIV Dream Team plays a vital role in improving patient care and quality outcomes of the culturally and linguistically diverse communities we serve. Dream Team members range from doctors and psychotherapists to nutritionists and case managers. Our patient-centered approach of co-located and integrated services is based on a coordinated and team-based delivery system that enables La Clínica to offer comprehensive services in a one-stop shop. By treating the whole patient with a well-rounded team of clinicians and support staff, our holistic approach helps to ensure continuity of care for populations most vulnerable to HIV infection.

La Clínica patient Carmen Garibay

When I was first diagnosed with HIV, I weighed 80 pounds and my symptoms were very bad. At home, my husband was abusive towards me and would tell our children that I had AIDS and would die soon and they would no longer see me. My previous medical office was prescribing medications I didn’t need. They had not detected the cirrhosis that was damaging my liver, which I developed because of all the medications I was taking. I had lost my will to live. My children motivated me to get better medical care. That’s when I found La Clínica. Here, they listen to my needs and work as a team. That’s why my cirrhosis was discovered here. My HIV Case Manager stays on top of my symptoms and communicates regularly with my provider. She helped me get an apartment when I told her about my stressful living situation. She helped me get dental care when I needed it and helps me get fresh food through food vouchers. Everybody speaks my language and is very caring. If La Clínica wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here. I think there is a reason they are called the HIV Dream Team. — Carmen Garibay

Main news page

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