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October 1, 2016

Cultura y Bienestar is an exciting program that employs Mental Health Specialists, Community Health Educators/Promotores and Traditional Healers to provide prevention and early intervention services to the Latino community. The goal of the program is to promote mental health and emotional well-being through education, consultation, and the practice of traditional healing methods. In our recent workshop “Caring for Families: the Seeds of Life”, traditional healer Marcela Sabin taught community members about how ancient cultures like the Maya saw the connection between life and the cycles of nature. Community members also learned about the power of intention, and how to utilize these teachings to restore balance in the lives of their families.

During the workshop, Marcela Sabin described a 52 year calendar that the Mayans used to characterize a person’s lifecycle. According to the calendar, every thirteen years of a person’s life is divided into a specific phase and has its own elemental correspondence (earth, water, air, or fire). Developing an understanding of these life phases and their respective elements, the unique challenges and opportunities present within each, can help one reconnect with the spiritual world in order to better navigate the everyday physical world.

Main news page

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