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October 1, 2018

When teams work together to leverage their skills and resources, they can make better decisions as a group than any one of them could do alone. La Clínica has made fundamental shifts in the culture of how care is delivered with the Care Team Uplift. La Clínica has intentionally invested in further developing and implementing team-based care within the organization through this initiative. The Care Team Uplift focuses on supporting Medical Assistants in working to the top of the their scope in order to improve the quality of our patient care, optimize the ability of providers to see more patients, and increase joy in practice for all Care Team members. Team- based care allows staff to work in concert as a cohesive team on behalf of patients and has been shown to result in a decrease in the cost of care and improve medical outcomes, operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

La Clínica Medical Assistant (MA) and MA Trainer Rita Nuñez with a patient.

I have always been motivated by helping others and by growing and developing myself personally and professionally. That’s why my role as Medical Assistant (MA) and MA Trainer for Care Team Uplift at La Clínica is so fulfilling. The work is challenging but also empowering. On any day, Medical Assistants are working as a team to improve patient outcomes by making patient information such as labs, referrals, and vital signs accessible to providers. This allows the providers to have a better visit with each patient and frees up their administrative time so that they can see more patients. Care Team Uplift has also developed the Team Dance training, an innovative approach that helps us see the whole team effort and workflow like a dance. For example, we “cha cha” the visit prep, which is three steps and we “huddle hustle” with the provider to talk about the day or do a “30-second report merengue” before they see their patients. It’s fun to dance and have a good time with the people you work with but more importantly, it’s an uplifting experience for the whole team and patients alike. — Rita Nuñez– Medical Assistant Trainer

Main news page

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